Trout Fish in Pakistan

Trout is saponaceous creature which makes it even more interesting to catch it. Once you do, you’ll find an immense sense of achievement. Trout is mainly a fresh water fish, found in the northern waters and waters of Azad Kashmir, though this fish occasionally migrates to sea. Trout is a beautiful creature having distinctive coloration varying from species to species and environment to environment. Trout also displays distinctive markings like spots and stripes on its shiny scales.

Trout fishing in Pakistan

Swat, Naran Kaghan, Neelum and Gilgit Baltistan provide visitors and fishers, trout fish in Pakistan.

Trout in Naran Kaghan Valley:

Naran and Kaghan valleys have lakes in their vicinity (Lake Saif-ul-malook, DudipatsarLake, LulusarLake) harboring trout species. Numerous brown trout can be found there.

Trout in Neelum Valley:

Neelum Valley also happens to have hatcheries and fish farms for Trout fish in Kutton and Jagran. Apart from that there is a relatively small valley in the close proximity of Neelum valley, known as Shounter Valley which has two lakes named Shounter Lake and Chitta Katha Lake; these two lakes also have an affluent supply of the tasty Trout.

Trout in Swat Valley:

Mahodand; the lake of fish is near Kalam valley, Swat, like the name depicts, this lake has affluent supply of plenty of species of different fish, including trout. This beautiful lake has tall coniferous trees around it making it beautiful spot to visit too.

Trout in Gilgit Baltistan:

Phandar and Handrap lakes situated in Gilgit also serve as perfect spots to fish trout. Lakes at Skardu and Baltistan are filled with plenty of trout. Deosai and Chitral valley are also famous for well-stocked trout.

Since, trout is one of the delicacies and is very delicious fish; people tend to get this game not only to enjoy the fishing but also to get a yummy treat for themselves. For that reason, one is supposed to get permission from the Fishing Department, which is quite easy to attain. So just throw your line in the lake and wait for the freshly hooked glistering trout to reel in so you may enjoy a scrumptious supper.

There are some myths elaborating that trout fishing is best in spring season, but the reality is quite opposite and the best season to get your fish hooked is tend to be autumn, under dim moonlight.


One can enjoy the tasty treat of trout already cooked in certain restaurants or can buy the raw fish to cook by themselves if they are not in a mood to catch it personally. The prices range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2500/ Kg from Naran Kaghan and Neelum Valleys and Gilgit- Baltistan respectively.


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