Trout Fish in Pakistan

Trout fish is classified as an oily fish, with large scales, thickly spotted dark and red spots on the sides. Trout is short but stout and suitable altitude for its culture is about 1000 m above sea level. It usually reaches a total length of about 45 cm. Most people tend to think that the best trout fishing takes place in the spring but that is not the case anglers find greatest success when fishing for trout in the fall, the best times to fish for trout is when there is little light from the moon at night. Trout fishing in Pakistan, especially in Northern Area and Azad Kashmir is a beneficial business and favorite hobby for tourists.

Trout fishing in Pakistan

The Kunhar River, swollen by glacier melt, meanders its way through the valley and is the perfect river for trout fishers. Fishing is must in the deep, cold & blue water of Kunhar in Naran where it is at level with you but to do so Fishing license is required which will be cheaply & easily granted to you from the Fishing Department. Excitement of hooking a delicious “Trout” in your Rod is un-explainable.
Visitors and trekkers visiting lakes of Kaghan Valley i.e. Dudipatsar Lake, Saif ul malook lake, Lulusar lake can fish trout while having permission from authorities. Trout is a tasty fish, sometimes considered a delicacy. It is also a game fish caught with zeal by anglers. There are brown trout hatcheries at Neelum Valley, Swat and Hosho, Kargah, Chilas in Gilgit and Skardu areas.


For visitors who don’t want to get involved in fishing themselves, trout is available at some hotels and restaurants. On the way to Naran and in the valley trout is available against relatively higher price which is 1500 rupees per kg. Trout fishing is available in same price in the Neelum Valley. Whereas one can get it against 1000 rupees in Gilgit Baltistn area.

Brown Trout

The species was introduced in Gilgit from Europe by political officers in 1916. It has large scales, thickly spotted dark and red spots on the sides. The body is short but stout, suitable altitude for its culture is about 1 000 m above sea level. In hatcheries it can be made to spawn by stripping which is quite successful. Its fecundity is about 1 500 eggs. Due to low temperature, its incubation period extends from 40 to 70 days.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout introduced in KPK in 1928 for the first time. Rearing of this fish is easier than that of brown trout. It can tolerate a higher water temperature, is less carnivorous and grows faster. Its hatching time is 33 days. It sometimes escapes from culture and enters open waters.

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